“What the heck is the Idea Circus?”
This site is a body of work, which showcases creative projects and endeavors; art, music, work & what we all call “content.” Call it a mothership, call it a hub, call it what you want. I call it Idea Circus.

With the amazing reach the Internet can now offer, self-publication of said content is a lot easier. So, take a gander at our projects: our Live Music & Interview Show Transmissions-LIVE. Our online comic strip, Crittertopia. Finally, the independent record label Gun Horse Records.

So, check it, Follow it, Friend it & Love it.

About Greg Cooper, Owner
I has 17+ years of design, development, media and marketing know-how. In the fields of: Design Communications, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, high tech gadgetry & gaming. I’ve worked in, and for Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, agencies and owned a design studio and have launched Idea Circus. You can check out the body of work on my portfolio site on Behance.

Greg Cooper

Do you like what you see? Get in touch!
twitter @theideacircus. Also, you can get ahold of me on the contact form below. Easy!

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