Here’s a preview of some rebranding work I’m building for Aryaka

Aryaka asked me to help assist and build an in-house Creative Marketing team for the company. Along with those duties, I was tasked on rebranding the company–which is any graphic designer’s dream. Of course, I was happy to assist.

The previous version of the aryaka logo along with the rebranded logo.

Aryaka is ten years old this year (2019), so, a fresh rebrand was on the roadmap. The existing brand has worked fine for the last couple of years, however, the brand request was to add a “bug” / icon to the logo. This icon in the rebrand, which I’m calling the “a”, was a nice touch and was the unanimous choice moving forward.
The color palette got a subtle rebranding as well. I wanted to pay homage to the original brand colors and keep some of them in the new look. The original Aryaka teal is a favorite still, so, I didn’t want to steer too far from that look. I incorporated the teal into the gradient, which was dubbed “Aryaka Glow”, and included it into the pallet, which, I am happy with the results.
There were some contenders as I iterated and I like the left version a lot (Direction #1), but, realized the team liked the “a” better (version #2.). So, we agreed to move forward.

Here are some mockups in action. Technology companies, specifically technical based industries do have the tendency¬†to mimic themselves. Lots of stock photos of Connectivity, Globes, and the ole’ “Sales handshake” imagery are the standbys.

However, I feel very strongly, that using people in creatives and illustration are a better visuals and way more engaging. I’m currently exploring brand imagery and I’ll post more as it moves forward.

If this work interest you and you like to learn more, please reach out to me at